Thank tour very much John.



Il giorno 11/gen/2012 23:55, "John Reese" <> ha scritto:
On 01/11/2012 02:07 PM, Alessio Gennari wrote:
> Hi newly,
> in the afternoon based to some internet page, I tried with
> page=Source/checkin by use of key_api.
> In this way I caused import of the last subversion revision (non
> intermediate) and the issues are correctly closed.
> Can I now the difference between use of 'page=Source/import' and
> 'page=Source/checkin'?
> Thanks in advance.
> Alessio

Source/checkin is used when the source control hook can provide enough
data to tell Mantis what commit data needs to be imported, eg revision #
for svn.  Source/import triggers an import on all configured branches,
similar to use Import Latest from the repository management interface,
and is generally there for use with cronjobs when post-commit hooks are
available or possible.  Similarly, Source/import&id=all allows a cronjob
to trigger imports for all repositories at once, meant to be used by a

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