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Hej Robert 
Many thx for your reply.

Since the  mc_project_update problem seems a bug, I will make them as required fields for now.

> Another problem I encounter is when I uesed mc_issue_note_update, if I
> include view_state this element in the array i send to update the issue, no
> matter what is the contents inside   the view state of the issue note will
> just become "private" even if  the array was like this
> $aNote= array(
> 'id'=>6, //issue note id
>                         'view_state'=> array('id'=>'10', 'name'=>''),
> 'text'=>'another update new note from SOAP ',
> );
> according to what I got from mc_enum_view_states to set view state to public
> should be id=>10, but it just set it to "private".

Are you sure that this works? Currently mc_issue_update always expects
some fields to be set ( altough that should change, I think )

The command I asked about was  mc_issue_note_update, I tried it again this morning and the view state of the note do just keep change to "Private".
Even if  I tried to set it to public. My code is really simple:

//a issue note data set (IssueNoteData)
$aNote= array(
'id'=>2, //issue note id
'view_state'=> array('id'=>'10', 'name'=>''),
// 'reporter'=>  ,
'text'=>'another update new note from SOAP ',

$param= array(
'username' => 'administrator',
     'password' =>'root',

$client=new soapclient($endpoint);


and I got $result = 1 as a return and the Note view state just got set to private (it was public).

        // fields which we expect to always be set
        $t_bug_data = bug_get( $p_issue_id, true );
        $t_bug_data->project_id = $t_project_id;
        $t_bug_data->reporter_id = $t_reporter_id;
        $t_bug_data->handler_id = $t_handler_id;
        $t_bug_data->category_id = $t_category_id;
        $t_bug_data->summary = $t_summary;
        $t_bug_data->description = $t_description;
 Actually, the only clue I can follow about what parameters I should send for the cmd I want to use is the MantisConnect WSDL page and it didn't indicate which one is required parameters since all the minOccurs=0.So I usually just kinda .. try and error...Is there other place to check information like this?

Btw could you tell me what is the first line bug_get( $p_issue_id, true );  for ?

Thank you very much for your help