Hej :

I am trying add issues from mantis SOAP interface. 
When I use mc_project_update to update a existed project, even if I just sent an array just include project name, I found other information about the project got modified ex: view status and status. those two fields show @1@  when I checked on the mantis Manage> Manage Project view.

This is the array I sent :

$aproject= array(
'name'=>'New project add on mantis', //required field

as you see just a simple array

Another problem I encounter is when I uesed mc_issue_note_update, if I include view_state this element in the array i send to update the issue, no matter what is the contents inside   the view state of the issue note will just become "private" even if  the array was like this

$aNote= array(
'id'=>6, //issue note id
                        'view_state'=> array('id'=>'10', 'name'=>''),
'text'=>'another update new note from SOAP ',

according to what I got from mc_enum_view_states to set view state to public should be id=>10, but it just set it to "private". 

My mantis version is 1.2.11
PHP Version 5.3.14
MySQL 5.5.25a

I am pretty new for SOAP,  so hope someone can help me.

Thank you