As we go through the testing and stabilization of the master branch, we will need to figure out a process to handle bugs. Ideally, this process doesn't cause these issues to show up in the v1.3 change log, unless such issues also existed in v1.2.x.

I would suggest the following:

- Create 1.3.0dev version
- If you find a bug that you can fix right away, fix it. -- no need to open a bug.
- If you need to discuss with others or have someone else fix it, then report a bug with version = 1.3.0dev and target version 1.3.x.
- Before releasing 1.3.0a1, we remove fixed_in_version of all resolved issues that have version = 1.3.0dev.  This way they don't show up in the change log.
- Follow the standard release process where 1.3.x becomes 1.3.0a1, etc.

For issues that already existed in 1.2.x, then set version to "1.2.15" or something that is 1.2.x, so that it shows up in the change log for v1.3.0a1.