I inspected the issues that are marked for v1.3 to see how far we are from the release and found 7 bugs targeted for 1.3.  I grouped them into what two groups based on my opinion of blocking vs. not.  It would be great for everyone to comment on what they are working on that they feel blocks us from putting out the 1.3 release candidate.  We can follow up with further fixes before the final releases.

Blocking and Specific to master:

17437: Plugin breaks
- There are a few changes in 1.3 that breaks plugin, I think we should see if we can fix those.  i.e. keep helper_alternate_class() around just for plugins until we do the breaking changes with the db layer.  There are cases that are technically breaking, but the chance of breaking is rare, vs. the helper_alternate_class which I suspect will be more common for plugins that have configuration pages.  I suggest at least fixing the latter one.

16570: Page content in 'Report Issue' is forgotten when user clicks [Back] button in browser
- That is a really annoying bug.  Paul has a fix that seems to be pending more reviewers - https://github.com/mantisbt/mantisbt/pull/202

16878: Install triggers varchar to datetime conversion error on sql server 2008
- what's the status?

Shouldn't be blocking

9885: Emails on relations is send to people who cannot see the related issue
- Open since 2008.  Does it really need to block the release?  If there is a targetted fix, let's do it?

11399: Deprecate $g_show_realname and use $g_show_user_realname_threshold instead
- I don't think this should block v1.3

12382: Long emails aren't sent and make Mantis freeze
- This is a corner case, is in 1.2.x and can be fixed in a dot release.  Even though it is good to fix, it is not blocking.

12144: changing to the next custom status does not work
- Nice to fix.  Fix can come in at any time.