+1 - I wouldn't separate documentation and translation.  One of the main reasons that we have documentation in source control rather than wiki is for it to branch with the code, hence, reflecting the status of the code it documents.

If we are to use sub-module, it would be to reference our mantisbt/**3rdparty** modules as we discussed in the past.


On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 1:25 AM, Damien Regad <dregad@mantisbt.org> wrote:
On 2013-09-22 13:26, Robert Munteanu wrote:
> My rule of the thumb is - one project, one deliverable. So the current
> layout is fine for me.

Again this sounds like a case of change for its own sake. Personally I
see absolutely no benefit for splitting the repository like this. In
fact I'm strongly against it.

Documentation and translations are an integral part of the software, it
makes sense to keep it all in one place.

As giallu said, while submodules are very useful in some cases, they are
also a bit tricky to implement and use on a regular basis (especially
during a transition period where one has both branches with and without
submodules in the repository, while switching back and forth from them).

> We did discuss splitting out external dependencies like AdoDB and
> NuSOAP into other repositories so we can better control the lifecycle
> of 3rd party deps better and allow patching [1]. But that never got
> anywhere, primarily because I was at that point the main driver. Given
> that the NuSOAP dependency is now optional, I no longer have an
> incentive to split the repos.

I have been working on that in my work-in-progress 1.3 branch, using
submodules for ADOdb library and phpMailer, feel free to have a look


And also check out the notes I've written while using them with them


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