Thanks Damien for setting this up.

- I've validated my login.
- I've setup to forward to mantisbt-dev -- let me know if it doesn't work.  Though I'm fine with using mantisbt-dev directly.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 7:07 AM, Damien Regad <> wrote:
I have completed the setup of LimeSurvey [1]. I created accounts for Robert,
Roland and Victor for now. You guys should normally have received a
notification e-mail.

I am experiencing some issues to login using Firefox 20.0 which I reported
on the LimeSurvey forums [2], but Robert told me he can connect with the
same version (different OS though, but I don't think that matters) so maybe
it's just me.

I documented all I did for the setup in the wiki [3], as well as some notes
for operations and future maintenance.

Victor, could you please check my installation note re: the administrator's
e-mail ? At the moment, I put in a dummy, not sure if
you want to set that up as an account, redirect that to another address
(e.g. the mantisbt-dev list) or not use this address at all.



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