It makes sense to examine the list of plugins and determine which ones may be worth inclusion into the core product or as core plugins.

I'm suggesting that we include "source integration" plugin as a core plugin that is included in master branch as a sub-module.  That makes the functionality available out of the box.  The manual should also be revised (as necessary) to cover the usage of the plugin.

There are other ideas that make sense to include, though I'm not sure of their readiness:

- Event Log - I've implemented this sometime ago and haven't tested it recently.  The goal was to provide an easy way for admins to see the logging information.  And also act as a system wide audit.

- Paste Image - that is great functionality that makes sense to include in core product.  However, I haven't tested it and I'm not sure of its compatibility with browsers / graceful degradation.  I think that's a piece of functionality to keep an eye on.

The one that I'm suggesting right now is the source control integration.  Others, we can work on to make them ready for future releases or v1.3.