+1 from me too.  GitHub is the best place for us to manage our repositories.  We can probably surface the plugins better to the user, but that wouldn't mean that we have to change where they are hosted.

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 1:18 AM, Damien Regad <dregad@mantisbt.org> wrote:
On 2013-09-20 11:04, Robert Munteanu wrote:
> @all: What exactly is unfriendly about the plugin discovery? If you
> thing it's sub-optimal, show exactly what is sub-optimal and propose (
> incremental or revolutionary ) improvements.
> Replacing one system with another without providing arguments which
> support the view that the old one is bad and that the new one ( which
> most of us don't know ) is better is not transparent and leaves most
> of us in the dark.
> So Paul, please tell us in more detail the changes that you want to
> make. If you think the plugins are not easily discoverable, I can
> imagine a simple PHP page which uses the GitHub API to walk the
> repository list and populate a list of name/descriptions. We can even
> try and parse the plugin declarations from the repository and show
> version numbers, dependencies, etc.
> And on top of that we can even build a page inside the 'Manage
> Plugins' page in MantisBT which would show the administrators which
> plugins are available.
> And we could even make an installer for those ... but I guess you get the point.
> Tell us _exactly_ what you think is wrong, and let's see how we can improve it.

My thoughts exactly.

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