I've posted a pull request with an screenshot showing how it looks like:

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 2:36 AM, Damien Regad <dregad@mantisbt.org> wrote:
On 2013-10-13 01:50, Victor Boctor wrote:
> I think we should revisit the changes made for the footer that we ship
> with MantisBT.  I like the 1.2 version better.
> - It was more compact.
> - The text in master indicates that they are contacting us, but links to
> the admin email.
> The only addition is the mention of GPL.  Was that the intention of the
> change?

David did this, see [1]. He had a rationale for the changes, but if you
want to revisit them that's fine by me.

We should keep the "Powered by" thing, it indicates that we own the
copyright for the software as opposed to the contents. With regards to
the GPL reference, I don't know... is it required ?

I agree that using "us" in the contact statement is not good, although
the link's tooltip clearly indicates that it's the webmaster's e-mail.

[1] http://www.mantisbt.org/bugs/view.php?id=11897

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