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On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 10:06 AM, John Reese <> wrote:
On 03/05/2012 12:53 AM, Victor Boctor wrote:
> I've added the step to update doc/RELEASE to the release process, it was
> missing from there.  However, I think we should get rid of this file,
> since it is just redundant with our changelog.

I disagree.  The reason I added doc/INSTALL and doc/RELEASE was
specifically so that tarballs would contain enough information to be
useful in isolation.  This also allows distros like Debian to include
release notes with their packages.

Also, our changelog usually contains a whole bunch of information that's
useless to most users, and tends to obscure the important summary of
what's included in a release, or why users should upgrade.  If we really
want our changelog to be the canonical location for release notes, then
we should a) be diligent about updating version information on our
tracker, and b) create a method for dumping this information into
doc/RELEASE so that we can still include that in our tarballs.

[Victor] I'm OK with leaving it in given that we have a reason.  The release process will act as a reminder to update this.

> I'm having issue compiling the docbook on Ubuntu.  I ran "apt-get
> install docbook-utils" which took a long time and installed the
> necessary tools.  However, when I run the script I get the following
> errors shown below.  If John or someone else knows how to fix this, then
> I will take another stab at it tomorrow.  I've spent hours on this today
> specially given that I had to re-build my Ubuntu virtual machine because
> the first time I installed docbook-utils it caused the VM to run out of
> disk space.

Unfortunately, the docbook packages in newer Ubuntu releases doesn't
seem to work as well for me when I tried building the manuals in the
past.  I haven't tried on 11.10 or 12.04 though, so perhaps this has
changed, but I've just been using my server to create releases, which is
still using 10.04 where the docbook packages are known to work for me.
I haven't tried building docs on other distros, but I believe Giallu has
had success on all Fedora releases.

[Victor] I've used Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit version.  It may be OK for the manuals to not compile on all Linux flavors, but at least it should compile reliably on one or two popular flavors (i.e. 1. Ubuntu. 2. Fedora (bonus)).  Any chance we are able to fix this?  We should also include the release process to clarify the OS / version / packages to install.

I'll defer further attempts to release 1.2.10 until we have a plan for resolving this.


John Reese

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