This reverted my changes to lang api - I did attempt to do this different but there were too many whitespace/conflicts and other changes to do it as cleanly as I liked. (I gave up with my first attempt to revert commits that modified lang api and reapply them when I get to 47 git hashes)

In addition, I've merged the ~30 localisation improvements in master-1.2.x into the master branch.

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Damien Regad <> wrote:
Hi Paul,

This commit below conflicts quite heavily with my 13x branch which I was
just about to merge into master.

Since I don't really feel like going down into details over a monster
diff of nearly 100k lines, could you let me know exactly what you did here ?

FYI, I had already reverted the language files' format from array to
individual variables [1]. My own commit just converted strings back to
array (using a sed script [2])

Furthermore, it's introducing the following NOTICE:
SYSTEM NOTICE: 'Use of undefined constant ERROR_DUPLICATE_FILE - assumed
'/home/dregad/dev/mantisbt/lang/strings_english.txt' line 197

This comes from a 2011 commit [3] where I removed a duplicate error
message, so I'm concerned that your reference point was quite far back
in the past (also noting that the copyright year in your commit says
2010 instead of 2013).


PS: I really feel like repeating myself here... But anyway here it goes
again. It would have been nice of you to contacted me before
making/pushing these changes. I was ready to go last night, but now I
have a large number of conflicts to resolve.


On 2013-10-09 01:35, GitHub wrote:
>    Branch: refs/heads/master
>    Home:
>    Commit: d679a60b136c0e2522c40c10bc436c9b5f5c47de
>    Author: Paul Richards <paul-P/>
>    Date:   2013-10-06 (Sun, 06 Oct 2013)
>    Changed paths:
>      M core/lang_api.php
>      M lang/strings_afrikaans.txt
>      M lang/strings_amharic.txt
>      M lang/strings_arabic.txt
>      M lang/strings_arabicegyptianspoken.txt
>      A lang/strings_belarusian_tarask.txt
>      M lang/strings_breton.txt
>      M lang/strings_bulgarian.txt
>      M lang/strings_catalan.txt
>      M lang/strings_chinese_simplified.txt
>      M lang/strings_chinese_traditional.txt
>      M lang/strings_croatian.txt
>      M lang/strings_czech.txt
>      M lang/strings_danish.txt
>      M lang/strings_dutch.txt
>      M lang/strings_english.txt
>      M lang/strings_estonian.txt
>      M lang/strings_finnish.txt
>      M lang/strings_french.txt
>      M lang/strings_galician.txt
>      M lang/strings_german.txt
>      M lang/strings_greek.txt
>      M lang/strings_hebrew.txt
>      M lang/strings_hungarian.txt
>      M lang/strings_icelandic.txt
>      A lang/strings_interlingua.txt
>      M lang/strings_italian.txt
>      M lang/strings_japanese.txt
>      M lang/strings_korean.txt
>      M lang/strings_latvian.txt
>      M lang/strings_lithuanian.txt
>      M lang/strings_macedonian.txt
>      M lang/strings_norwegian_bokmal.txt
>      M lang/strings_norwegian_nynorsk.txt
>      M lang/strings_occitan.txt
>      M lang/strings_polish.txt
>      M lang/strings_portuguese_brazil.txt
>      M lang/strings_portuguese_standard.txt
>      M lang/strings_qqq.txt
>      M lang/strings_ripoarisch.txt
>      M lang/strings_romanian.txt
>      M lang/strings_russian.txt
>      M lang/strings_serbian.txt
>      A lang/strings_serbian_latin.txt
>      M lang/strings_slovak.txt
>      M lang/strings_slovene.txt
>      M lang/strings_spanish.txt
>      M lang/strings_swedish.txt
>      M lang/strings_swissgerman.txt
>      M lang/strings_tagalog.txt
>      M lang/strings_turkish.txt
>      M lang/strings_ukrainian.txt
>      M lang/strings_urdu.txt
>      A lang/strings_vietnamese.txt
>      M lang/strings_volapuk.txt
>    Log Message:
>    -----------
>    Revert + Update Language file format

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