From working on the 'radical' 2.x idea, I've concluded 3 things:
a) I like mantis
b) I dislike the mantis 1.2.x codebase
c) I'm not happy with the 2.x codebase
-> trying to convert X to an object, and looking at code paths, you find in some cases that if you do change Y by route Z, it'll not email, update whatever, and check permission A but if you do the same change by route ZZ, it'll check permission B, but email
And that's with me ignoring the soap api :)
It's quite a good game to play!

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Damien Regad <> wrote:

On 2013-10-01 10:32, Paul Richards wrote:
> On a different note, and your about to hate me :
> Surely, we want to store custom field ID as opposed to field name in the
> history table, such that if a custom field gets renamed, or two custom
> fields have the same name, the history table gets linked to the correct
> custom field.

No hate, really. This is a good point that I did not consider, since it
was a fix I just built on existing practice without thinking further.

Replacing the CF name by CF id would require either modifying the
update_history_long_custom_fields() helper function, or create another
UpdateFunction schema change step.

I'll file an issue to track this.


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