I've added 3 bugs to the bug tracker following this commit:

0016422 installation Install.php should direct people directly to manage_proj_create_page.php

There is no need to change the url from manage_proj_create_page to login_page to redirect users back to manage_proj_create_page. That just bounces the user around more then needed. As such, we can direct user directly to that page as we did before.
0016421 installation log in page does unnecessary db query following fb121e83b48f4cc22a9c9af257d23d1ae9b25388

For the default case, mantis will have >1 project, therefore adding an additional query when people log in [albeit minor] is unneeded load on the database server that we should aim to remove.

The 3rd bug, I believe is a placeholder for what we are actually trying to achieve:

0016423 installation Installation process should prompt users to key default configuration information

As part of the installation, we currently create a database, stick some settings in a config_inc.php [install.php is only time that edits this file]. I believe the aim should be to make life easier for users by allowing them to populate this file with key settings. I've not been through config_Default to see what is a 'key setting' for config_inc, but the things that pop straight into my head are:
a) install.php should allow admin to specify password [we may already do this in 1.3/2.x] - at least, I think we might randomise the password in one of them
b) install.php should probably ask user if they want to create a non-admin user
c) install.php should create an initial project
d) install.php should probably ask for SMTP settings
e) install.php should probably ask for LDAP settings [although that might be an advanced option]
f) install.php should probably prompt for path to graphviz/other things that enhance mantis 

On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 3:29 AM, GitHub <> wrote:
  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: fb121e83b48f4cc22a9c9af257d23d1ae9b25388
  Author: Victor Boctor <>
  Date:   2013-09-28 (Sat, 28 Sep 2013)

  Changed paths:
    M admin/install.php
    M core/project_api.php
    M login_cookie_test.php

  Log Message:
  Fixes #16416: Improve first login experience by auto-redirecting to create project page.

If MantisBT is pre-installed, the user lands in My View Page without knowing what to do.
We should handle the "first login" experience in MantisBT itself rather than the installation
and provide a helpful getting started over time. For now, we should start with auto-redirecting
to create project page if user is administrator and there aren't at least 1 project in the database.

The cost of this check is one cheap query on the projects table that returns 0 or 1 entries
which is only run at login of an administrator.

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