As someone has just come on irc asking:

"[08:21.30] <Vooch2> what improvements were made in mantisbt 1.2 versus 1.1?  I'm trying todecide if I need to go with 1.2, or stick with apt-get install, which is 1.1 on ubuntu."

i've just had a quick look at the mantis 'bug tracker' in ubuntu and there's a post where regarding stabilising 1.2.11 -

To quote us:

 In Gentoo Bugzilla #420375, David Hicks (dhx) wrote on 2012-09-26: #9
From a MantisBT developer point-of-view I don't see any reason for holding back on stabilisation. We're fairly strict about what goes into minor version bumps (security and small bug fixes).

8000 line diff = 'security and small bug fixes' ?

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:47 PM, Damien Regad <> wrote:
On 07.11.2012 22:31, Paul Richards wrote:
> I don't have a tarball of 1.2.12 and 1.2.11 handly atm, how long is the
> diff between the two versions?

Versus my local WIP 1.2.12 release candidate branch's head:

$ git diff release-1.2.11 --shortstat
  185 files changed, 4988 insertions(+), 3377 deletions(-)

$ git log --oneline release-1.2.11..HEAD |wc -l

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