Hi all,

I'm thinking of replacing MantisBT to MantisTouch redirection logic with a plugin.  The plugin implementation can be found at [1].

The following code will be removed from master:
- mobile_api.php
- $g_mantistouch_url
- code in core.php that does the redirection.

This will fix the following bugs:
- #15346: Unable to view attachments on mobile when g_mantistouch_url is set#
- Part of the fix for #17144: Need a way for new users to create an account.

The plugin utilizes the EVENT_CORE_READY event and does a redirect when appropriate.

Have a look at the code / approach and let me know your thoughts.  If it makes sense, then I will submit a pull request for the changes to master to apply the changes listed above before we release.

[1] https://github.com/vboctor/MantisTouchRedirect