On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 12:23, David Hicks <d@hx.id.au> wrote:

The real issue is that UI/styling changes aren't going to make it into
1.2.x because the branch is "stable". I also advise against going alone
with major styling changes without collaborating with other people
currently interested in this issue for 1.3.x.

1.3.x is the way to go then. Very good.

Looking back in the dev mailing list my interpretation is that the discussion has been a little towards an "all-or-nothing" approach (which it usually tend to be when talking about GUI).

I don't want to introduce a major styling change to the visuals (actually no change at all), but rather do small refactoring piece by piece without changing any looks or breaking anything (in the same way as the ongoing XHTML compliancy work seems to done) to _allow_ a custom style to be applied using CSS.

In the best of worlds the semantics/HTML should have little to do with enforcing a particular look or style, that should instead be controlled with CSS (as I'm sure you know). Thus the small changes I would like to apply would be tiny steps towards that, rather than going for the total-overhaul approach (with high risk of failing because of it's daunting size, and most certainly something I cannot commit to undertake).

Hence, my original question was that if you (as a project) are interested in receiving patches with these kind of improvements, or if your strategy is another (e.g. going for the total-overhaul) then I simply apply these fixes and maintain them for my own personal installation.

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