Hi Christopher

That's all great, but where is this being implemented? While I know about the html cleanup (to comply with xhtml not html5 btw) I've only seen discussions about the phptal templates. Is there a branch for that I could use as a basis?

There was a discussion about that around 10.Nov.2010, no idea if that is doe somewhere tough.
btw: there is no sane reason to use XHTML, NO browser cares about that really. and using HTML5 does not mean you need to write shitty HTML, you can still use the XHTML rules and enforce them onto the developers but otherwise it's not useful anyway(don't forget to validate the CSS and remove all styles with vendor prefixes, and Lint your JavaScript!). please note thats my personal opinion not necessarily that of the mantis developers!

I'm all for html5 :) just wanted to point out that the current html clean-up efforts seem to be towards xhtml while the spec you linked to mentioned html5, that's all. 

Might check the archives later to see the discussion. Though if we get a templating engine setup reasonably soon then I might actually re-factor my theme for html5.
Saying this if you do have a mantis copy with the jQuery UI theme roller classes applied I'd be happy to see it.

you misunderstood me here I do not have a jQuery UI themed Mantis =/

Ah well, was hoping to motivate you into making one ;)