+mantisbt-dev, please welcome Terry who is going to help us with MantisBT documentation.
The docbook current sources can be found at (if you want to browse it via the web):
The compiled manuals can be found at:
You will find some useful resources to get you started with contributing to MantisBT at:
The docbook format is pretty simple xml based format.† You will pick it up when you look at the current contents.† You can also find a lot of resources if you search for "docbook".
On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Terry Anderson <terry.anderson@virgin.net> wrote:

Hi Victor,

Thanks for this. Sorry for the delay in replying.

I found out about your project through SourceForge. They have a facility to send messages via their web site that are forwarded to members as emails so I tried to contact you using this. I think it was around 19 April but I tried again on 3 May and selected an option for a copy to be sent to me. When nothing arrived I realized the system may not be working so I contacted you through your web site.

My background is that I have worked in software testing since 1995 so I have used a few defect management systems. I want to gain some technical writing experience so I thought that working on documentation for a defect tracking system was a good match.

I donít have experience of the docbook format so anything you can direct me to about that would be helpful. Iíve worked with Word, etc. and have been trained in Adobeís RoboHelp.

In terms of the help I could offer I suppose the first question is are there any areas that havenít been documented or are you looking to overhaul the existing documentation? Iím happy to help with either/ both. Iíve looked at the Administration Guide briefly and my first thought is would you like something thatís more end user focused, i.e. ďhow do I create a new bug recordĒ, etc.? Also, would some of the information be better represented in tables?

These are just initial thoughts and Iíll look at it in more detail over the next few days but do let me know if thereís anything you feel is required or if youíve had feedback from users over areas they want improved.

Iíll download Mantis, etc. as well. Presumably I need MySQL as well?

In terms of starting off I think I just need to focus on a particular area, i.e. a specific process or functional area, produce something for you and then take it from there.

Let me know what you think.



From: Victor Boctor [mailto:vboctor@gmail.com]
Sent: 11 May 2010 04:05
To: terry.anderson@virgin.net
Subject: Re: Offer to help with user documentation

Hi Terry,

I'm Victor and I didn't get your previous message.† How did you try to contact me before?† What was the subject of your message?† I would like to search and see if I got it or not.

Thanks a lot for offering your help.† We appreciate your help to enhance MantisBT documentation which is an area where we need much help.

At the moment, we use docbook format (xml format that can be compiled into HTML, PDF, etc).† We store the documentation along the source in the source control system (git).† Let me know a bit about what you are familar with and how you would like to approach improving the documentation.

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 3:56 PM, Terry Anderson <terry.anderson@virgin.net> wrote:

I read about Mantis in the project of the month feature on Sourceforge
and tried to send a message to Victor which I don't think has got

I have a background in software testing but would like to move into
technical writing and am looking to gain experience by helping open
source projects. I sent a message to Victor offering help as I read
that you were looking for help with user documentation. Could you pass
this message on?


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