Thanks for pointing this out Steph.

I took a look at and I like it. A very good basis. There is some information missing, but can be included. I bet Oskar knows this but wanted to keep complexity low. Always a good point.

Using a MVC architecture it should not be too hard to implement and adapt on the go.

The proposed design has my vote ;) simplicity rules!


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 7:29 PM, Stephane Rouleau <> wrote:
 Welcome to the list, Udo! The list archives can be found online, but
as far as this particular thread is concerned, we're mainly discussing
the Mantis "look."  Oskar posted a new look on Sept 18th, and since then
there's been all sorts of discussions around this, templates being one
way to reach this ultimate goal.

While there's some disagreement on how to reach nirvana, I have yet to
see one person claim that the current look is fine the way it is.