I am using Mantis 19.2.  I have done research and understand that there is an ability to require that a bug move through a pre-determined set of states, and I have successfully used this feature.


I would like to use the movement of a bug from certain states to cause the re-assignment of the bug to support a typical QA type structure.  Here would be the scenario:


Bug Created

Developer marks bug resolved

Bug is then automatically reassigned back to reporter

Reporter either:

Marks the bug as confirmed fix with optional note, would be nice if the ticket was then assigned to a particular manager to close.


Marks the bug as NOT fixed, with a note.  Bug is then automatically reassigned back to developer.



Is there any modules or plugins that would support these actions?  If not, can you point me to where I might tinker with the application to cause assignments of bugs on the change of certain states?  Also, is it possible that someone can add comments to a resolved bug that is not a manager?


Thanks in advance,

Mark Rizzo