This is excellent, and exactly what I intended when I wrote the config system originally.

   A few comments:

1) Most places where we take a level (e.g., manager), this can also be a discrete list of roles. 

2) Does it handle project overrides, where the setting for the specific project overrides the defaults?

    ... Glenn

On 13-Feb-09, at 11:42 AM, Andy Baker wrote:

There are options that I considered to be superuser/installer only and can therefore only be set in config_inc.php. Good example is absolute_path. However these can be seen on the initial page (ie when the blank dropdown option selected).

As for "release quality" I'm happy enough that it's tested well, but I'd like to hear feedback from you folks before I'd be happy.


2009/2/13 Gianluca Sforna <>
On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Andy Baker <> wrote:
> I've wrapped this code up into a 1.2.x plugin called Configuration Manager
> that I've installed to (login admin/admin).
> Note that I don't consider this plugin to be of release quality yet. Feel
> free to hack about in there; I have a baseline restore if required.

Do it covers all the configuration options?

What is it missing to be "release quality"? It looks like a huge step
forward the standard adm_config_report page...

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