I do not see the Reopen button when I am in the advanced view or simple view page or the update page for that matter.
Is there some thing I need to add to my config_inc.php file? Or I might have changed some thing during creation of config_inc.php or custom_strings_inc.php files.
Any pointers will help.
Thanks & Regards
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 Ahh... Changing the resolution in the update page doesn’t change the status, but it probably should. I’ll fix it in the next release.

  The “Reopen” button on the view page changes both the status and resolution.

On 3/22/05 2:30 PM, "Vivek Jain" wrote:

Thanks for the Response.

I am using Mantis 0.19.2.

I am reopening via the Update page and then changing the Resolution to reopen.

Vivek Jain

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How are  you reopening the issue? I assume that you are using the “Reopen”  button.

  What version of software are you  using?

On 3/21/05 7:47 PM, "Vivek Jain" wrote:


I do not seem  to get the reopen status to work correctly. Even though I have the line  "$g_bug_reopen_status = ASSIGNED;" in my config_inc.php file, the the bug  does not move to assigned state when I reopen the bug.

As per my  understanding this is all that's needed to be done to get the desired reopen  status.

Any pointers to what I am not doing correct or missing out  on?

Thanks & Regards