Hi, i'm working on the new voting feature, and have a couple of questions.

Does anyone use #mantis on IRC or is it just #mantishelp?, and if so what are good times (GMT) of the day to ask dev questions? (I'm in New Zealand)

Working on the filter_api for filtering issues that have been voted on, I'm struggling getting my posted info into mantis. I use a select field similar to when filtering on 'Monitored by', mine is called 'Voted by' and uses a select list called user_votes[] . The trouble is my selection of user (or 'Users' in advanced filter view) is not getting to the code that queries for bugs, it is in the $_REQUEST variable, but not in the $t_filter variable in filter_get_bug_rows()

Apologies if this is a trivial problem, it's been a long week and my brain is now fried from tracing through mantis filter code, Could anyone point me to any area of the code that might be stripping out a newly added field like user_votes[] ?

Many thanks
Luke Moynihan (aka Cornchips)