I would like to thank Glenn Henshaw for helping me out on my question regarding the use of css in Mantis. It worked fine. However, I have some more questions regarding Mantis. I have edited the summary page of Mantis. I removed the filter for projects and instead added a page (test.php) that would ask users to select the date range and put on a check on the projects. When the user clicks on the Submit button on that page, it would go back to summary_page.php and the numbers that would be shown will be the numbers within the date range and projects selected. I was able to do this by adding 3 variables, $startdate, $enddate, and $IDs. I added this to my query and right now it is already working. I have one problem though, I would like to edit the graphs but everytime I click on the links to the graph, the added 3 variables are empty… what should I do?  I apologize for asking so many questions…






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