Well, I am no thinking un use mantis to control a software development process, so I think I can´t help you too much.
I would be nicer -IMHO- if you provide the controls created by you QA-Team so we could see if there is any option to improve them.
From the point of view of a QA-Team, I think they will be interested on... (few ideas):
 - time control.
 - workload. (by weeks, techs, months, escalations, customers, products...)
 - reopened cases (in oder to improve the KB with solutions for well-know problems)
 - open/close ratio (to avoid backlog)

I don´t know if you are using those values at this time, let me know.
I also think it could be a very good idea if you can involve the QA-Coordination team, but I don´t know if this mailing list would be the best place or if a new thread should be created outside.

The idea of the report must be simple:
 - Reports should be always avaible via web interface.
 - Techs must be able to see their metrics (tech. dashboard). Real time should be ok, but a job cron every X hours to update them can be useful too.
 - Extended reports (global dashboards) with global metrics (all techs, all cases, backlog...) only must be available to team leaders, qa-coordinators...
 - All reports must be able to be exported to .csv
 - Graphics are a must, they are very important if the reports are going to be reviewed by managers or non-technical people.

Maybe I am wrong with this ideas, maybe not, anyway, let me know what do you think.

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at this time, we use mantis in combination with ScmBug and Subversion to keep care of our development process. Out of this reason, our QA-Coordination team has mentioned that they will need more and more reports. But I don't have any specification at this time. Can you give me an example on which kind of report you thought of?

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Hi There,

Well, first of all I don´t know if this is the best place to ask the next question, if not, sorry :-/

Is there anyone there working on an advanced reporting?
I would like to improve the reporting area with some ideas (IMHO) but I am not a guru with PHP, so here I am.
If there is anyone interesting on that or working on something to improve the reporting area, let me know.


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