Our development team makes great use of both mantis and a wiki (phpwiki in our case).  We use Interwiki links so we can use "bug:456" or "mantis:2820" to link back to mantis from the wiki, but we have to create pages manually in the wiki for a particular issue.


  I like the idea of the wiki integration.  I'd like to be able to click a button in mantis and have it create a wiki page with a template filled out for that issue (settings per mantis project) and have that link available in the mantis issue (visible based on mantis user level).


  Authentication is a sticky issue for us, our wiki integrates with active directory and our mantis does not (I know that there is an ldap option in mantis, but I haven't had time to figure out how to use it yet).  We allow outside users to hit mantis (at the reporter level) but not to access the wiki, so keeping authentication separate is fine with me.


  We already have some of this, but it would be great to automate this.


John Cole


From: [] On Behalf Of Victor Boctor
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 9:58 AM
Subject: [Mantisbt-dev] Wikis in Mantis


NOTE: This email is NOT related to the email about choosing a Wiki for Mantis Manual.


Hi all,


I've been lately working on a prototype of an integration of a Wiki engine into Mantis.  The idea is to have a Wiki that is associated with a Mantis installation, this Wiki has a namespace for each project, and a page per issue.  The Wikis can integrate other pages that are not referenced directly by Mantis (e.g. an issue page may have sub-pages, or there may be some shared pages).


In order to get feedback, I've made this feature available on our official bugtracker.


Following are two examples:


Note that an issue Wiki page can be reached from the view page of the issue by clicking on the "Wiki" link which is next to the "Send Reminder" link.


#7075 and its Wiki page provide some details about the vision I have in mind, I am planning to detail it further, but this should provide a fair idea of what I have in mind.






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