Sent a message earlier - but it didn't seem to get through - so in case you get this twice - sorry....
After looking at the requirements for 1.2.0 i had new enough versions of mysql and php -etc.  I did my usual and tried to access the login page, but it wouldn't load.  I narrowed this down to a PHP memory exhaustion message in the error log.   I increased the php memory limit to 10M.  the page loads.
I tried to run the admin page so I could continue - but I receive the followig in the php error log -
[23-Feb-2010 10:56:22] PHP Fatal error:  Trying to clone an uncloneable object o
f class ReflectionClass in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/mantisbt-1.2.0/core/utility
_api.php on line 195
I am wondering if I missed a step somewhere - or some upgrade notes or something.  I can usually upgrade mantis in about 15 minutes.
Just thought I'd ask. Thx.

--- On Mon, 2/22/10, John Reese <> wrote:

From: John Reese <>
Subject: [mantisbt-help] MantisBT 1.2.0 Released
Date: Monday, February 22, 2010, 3:52 PM

MantisBT Release Notes

1.2.0 Stable Release

This release marks the first official release in the 1.2.x series of MantisBT.
1.2.0 is a major feature release for MantisBT, and includes many bugfixes and
enhancements over the 1.1.x stable branch.  All users of 1.1.x are highly
encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

A full changelog for the 1.2.x series can be found on the official site. [1]

There are many new features added to 1.2.0, including:

  - Converted the MantisBT Manual to Docbook format, and added a new Developer's
    Guide manual, both of which are compiled and included in every release

  - Implemented a plugin system with many plugins already released [2]

  - Global categories available to all projects, as well as project categories
    inheriting from parent projects to child projects;  both are optional

  - Tracked change history for textarea fields (Description, etc) and bug notes

  - Customizable sets of columns for View Issues page and export formats

  - Combined simple and advanced views into a single, configurable view that
    allows selecting exactly what fields to show or hide

  - Improved roadmap and changelog pages, including version release dates, and
    permalinks to individual versions

  - Marking versions as obsolete to hide them from the roadmap and changelog

  - More configuration options for rebranding MantisBT installations

  - Improved support for PostgreSQL databases

  - Improved support for UTF-8 localizations and content

  - Implemented custom search providers for Firefox and Internet Explorer

  - Implemented localized timestamps using according to user-preferred timezones

There have also been many improvements to the codebase beyond adding features:

  - Migrated to parameterised database queries throughout the codebase for both
    performance and security improvements

  - Added PHPDoc compatible documentation to all internal API's

  - Removed many hardcoded references to access levels and other enumerations,
    for improved customizability.

  - Migrated away from DATETIME fields to integer timestamps for timezone usage

  - All 3rd party code is now contained within the library/ path, including
    documentation on library versions and any patches applied

  - Initial support for MySQL 6 and PHP 5.3

[1] The changelog is split between multiple releases:


[2] MantisForge is now the preferred code collaboration site for MantisBT,
     including free hosting of MantisBT-related Git repositories for development
     of contributions to MantisBT itself or community plugins.

John Reese

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