4 points:


1)       Is the best place to showcase ideas? – I personally think ‘no’.

2)       Core/dokuwiki à ‘core’ isn’t a location from which files should get served – as a side note, on our install on we should probably have apache forbid requests directly to the /core directory.


On to the wiki itself:


“Namespace” – I can’t recall the behaviour with regards to subprojects – but the id=mantisbt:7075 – that should probably be a project ID rather then ‘mantisbt’ – this would enable two projects to have the same name, and still be referenced correctly.


What is the intention here?


That it’s possible for users to add a chosen wiki engine to mantis ? or that the mantis installation itself could come with support for a wiki?


does the storage of wiki data go to the database or filesystem or both ?


From my point of view, I’m not sure I necessarily see having wiki links as a benefit – The danger I see is that at the moment, it is clear by looking at a page exactly what an issue is about – having a separate page to go to, means that information might get missed.


*IF* the intention is to ship the functionality with mantis as a core product, I’d be inclined to do the following:



I quite like wiki’s in terms of quickly linking groups of pages together, I’m just trying to work out whether what we’re trying to implement is to allow someone to link a group of wiki pages to a bug containing a specification, OR to allow users to format text that they provide as a description of an issue.









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Hi all,


I’ve been lately working on a prototype of an integration of a Wiki engine into Mantis.  The idea is to have a Wiki that is associated with a Mantis installation, this Wiki has a namespace for each project, and a page per issue.  The Wikis can integrate other pages that are not referenced directly by Mantis (e.g. an issue page may have sub-pages, or there may be some shared pages).


In order to get feedback, I’ve made this feature available on our official bugtracker.


Following are two examples:


Note that an issue Wiki page can be reached from the view page of the issue by clicking on the “Wiki” link which is next to the “Send Reminder” link.


#7075 and its Wiki page provide some details about the vision I have in mind, I am planning to detail it further, but this should provide a fair idea of what I have in mind.