Dear subscribers

I hope my message will arrive this time at the audience I would like to address.

Some times ago I started working on a template-based version of Mantis. The goals are clear, separating layout from application logic. After several tries I went to HTML_Template_Sigma and it worked well.

Then I became more ambitious and started refactoring also other parts of the code as well.  The result is not yet ready, e.g. it works only with Firefox, but before other people start to invest their time in similar activities, they may have a look at - you can login as guest or administrator. I didn't change the password. 

Some days ago I also started documenting what I did so far and used a Wikkawiki for that purpose. Try or the llink '-> Mantis Issue Tracker' in the horizontal bar when you are logged in.

PS: is only a temporary home.  I will move to soon.


Hans Stienen

Hardstrasse 11
CH-4052 Basel