I would personally suggest moving ALL Time Tracking OUT of bug note...

I have started some work on that, since current Time tracking does not give me the data I (and not only me) need.


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Subject: [mantisbt-dev] Compatibility issue

Hello Mantis team,

Can I suggest you to assure the compatibility about functions between Mantis releases.

Mantis 1.1.0a2 => function bugnote_add ( $p_bug_id, $p_bugnote_text, $p_private = false, $p_type = 0, $p_attr = '', $p_user_id = null );
Mantis 1.1.0a3 => function bugnote_add ( $p_bug_id, $p_bugnote_text, $p_time_tracking = '0:00', $p_private = false, $p_type = 0, $p_attr = '', $p_user_id = null );

I'll try to write plugin and "function bugnote_add ( $p_bug_id, $p_bugnote_text, $p_private = false, $p_type = 0, $p_attr = '', $p_user_id = null, $p_time_tracking = '0:00' )" is better.


Best regards. 


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