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On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 2:21 PM, Paul Richards <> wrote:

----- "Gianluca Sforna" <> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 8:28 PM, Victor Boctor <>
> wrote:
> > 2. We currently have the following ways to manage bugs for plugins:
> > a. An issue under the MantisBT project similar to the "Email to
> MantisBT"
> > issue which currently has above 400 notes and is not scaling very
> well +
> > doesn't provide a good management experience.
> > b. Each plugin hosts their bugs somewhere (e.g. source plugin) + add
> a link
> > to the bug tracker from the readme file.
> > c. Come up with a project per plugin OR a single project + category
> per
> > plugin approach on our bug tracker.
> > d. Use Product Matrix -- at one point John mentioned that we may be
> able to
> > use this plugin for managing plugins.
> Sorry for the naive question but.. why not:
> e. a new mantis instance on

[Victor] That makes sense, the only issue is that it is yet another bug tracker to ask the users to register for.  However, it makes sense for the authors to have the bugs and the plugins in one place.  This will also allow us to have a separate project per plugin without losing the MantisBT project among all the plugins.

I'm wondering how easy it would be to set up a authentication infrastructure -> i.e. with a view to things like phpbb/mantis/mantisforge etc could access the central ldap server for authentication.

[Victor] Do you mean to have an LDAP server and have an LDAP write interface from MantisBT so that registered users are added in LDAP and referenced from everywhere else?  It would be great if we have a single sign on across all tools and potentially with mantisforge as well, but I don't know if someone is up to do the work to get this working.


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