Hi Steve,

I've copied the dev mailing list to get the rest of the devs / community involved.

Ideally I would see Doc Management as a plugin play in the 1.2.x world.  I would like to avoid having too much investment in the core code. We could retire the current core Document Management code and have a plugin that would import such data and provide a much richer experience.  This way a MantisBT admin can decide to use just MantisBT, or MantisBT + wiki, or MantisBT + DocMan Plugin, MantisBT + SharePoint, or a mix.

We already have been discussing adding the ability to add your own auth plugins.  So you can help us with the work to mature the platform to add the necessary platform for your PKI auth.

I also agree with your comment relating to virus scanning applying to both attachments and documents.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 6:54 AM, Steve Simpson wrote:

I am getting ready to start some work on enhancing the document storage in
Mantis. I can either work on this as part of my code tree -- I would
probably just take out the existing doc link and replace it with a custom
link or (hopefully better for both of us), I could actually work on Mantis

Basically we are using Mantis as a Framework to house process review items
and the ability to store documents is a major added bonus. We are still
running on 1.1.2 since it is a major pain to apply my patches to a new
version. (Yes 'most' are done through configurations and plugins, but my
auth mechanism is based on PKI and that has to be hacked into the code base.
As well as several mods that I have made to deal with very large numbers of
issues -- in the 5-10k for 1 version of 1 project range)

Anyway for the documents section, we started as a simple place to transfer
files -- then all the requirements came... (they like the simplicity of the
interface for uploads, but want a complete document management section for
storage). I have patched in some history capability right now but it is
horribly inefficient. And I am getting ready to completely redo it. I have
not had a chance to look at 1.2 yet so I am not sure if you have done
anything with this area or not. Please let me know if you have, if not I
might be able to add some significant functionality to Mantis.

I want to do the following:
   1. add a tree view (keeping the meta data)
   2. Add a check to see if the document is like anything else on the
system already (based on filename, title & description) then give the user
the option to just update that document instead of creating a new one
   3. Add a hook to antivirus scan documents for files before they can be
downloaded (this would be good for attachments as well). -- Either in
realtime on upload or as part of an cron job.
   4. Link documents to one or more issues.
   5. Store comments on documents.
   6. Add a plugin to svn for document storage

Let me know what you think.

<cheap plug> BTW: it would really make my life easier if you could add a
couple of hooks into the baseline for PKI auth support (using SSL Apache).
:-) </cheap plug>


On 9/23/08 2:39 AM, "Victor Boctor" wrote:

> I can't provide you with a specific date, but we started actively
> working on pushing out 1.2.0rc1 and 1.1.3.  So hopefully this will
> happen in the near future.
> Ideally, your customization should be friendly to the upgrade process.
>  This is typically achieved through configuration, custom functions
> and plugins (available in 1.2).  Also if you have generic
> enhancements, it may be worth to submit patches through the bug
> tracker, so it may go into future releases.
> I'm glad you found Mantis useful, hope you guys register in the user's
> directory and provide feedback.
> http://www.mantisbt.org/directory.php
> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 7:46 AM, Steve Simpson
> wrote:
>> I am very pleased with Mantis. I first set
>> it up for a demo because it seemed to be
>> a reasonable Issue Tracker and I had a
>> LAMP stack running, that was a year ago.
>> Within a couple of hours I had a
>> customized demo running that
>> management loved it. I have been
>> working with Mantis since then.
>> Anyway, my configuration is HIGHLY
>> customized and porting will take some
>> time. So I was wondering what your
>> thoughts were on releasing 1.1.3. I am
>> still running 1.1.1 and trying to decide
>> whether or not to wait. (most of the
>> security issues don't apply to my
>> configuration, but...)
>> thanks,
>> steve
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