FYI - this posting says as of 1.3.0 the previous source control integration will be eliminated, but it is actually gone from 1.2.0,   I did a test upgrade and SVN integration no longer worked.
Since i don't use any of the plug-ins I won't be able to upgrade to any newer version of mantis (currently using 1.1.8) until I figure all of the extraneous crap out.  I also don't use WebSVN at all.  It says I don't need it so that may be fine.
The beauty of the other way was that it took less than 10 minutes to set up and gave you exactly what you needed.  log info and file/directory change info.  I think both options should be available with the distribution.   If anyone else agrees with me I'd love to know. :-)
Thx for listening.  I still like Mantis - it's always been easy to use, and to upgrade (until now).   I may stay at 1.1.8.