Hello Everyone,

Our company has been using Mantis for some time and we are updating our internal processes and we have a perfect opportunity to get more out of Mantis.  I have a couple of questions which I would like your input to please...

1.  Categories
Do these have any significant meaning in Mantis?  I see they are reported on in the Summary pages.  Are categories specifically used for functional areas of development, e.g. Installer, GUI, Database etc or can they be used for bug identifiers such as 'Beta Blocker', 'Alpha Bug' etc. or is this not recommended

2.  Feature Development
Mantis is a bug tracker.  Features aren't bugs.  Is there a specific, recommended way to deal with new features in Mantis, such as the use of a category 'Feature'?

3. Documentation - workflow
Does anyone use mantis to track bugs in documentation.  In the example above if we have a new feature, there should be documentation to support it.  I would like to work off mantis for the documentation, but I am not sure just yet, as to how to smoothly insert the documentation into the workflow.  Could this be a status between resolved and closed?  e.g.
New Bug Feature->Acknowledged->Assigned->Coded->Resolved->Documented->Closed

If anyone has anything to add on the above, comments, suggestions I would be grateful - no seriously I will.  In fact so grateful I'll become a serious contributor to mantis somehow.  (currently picking up testlink and am contributing there some now!).  Besides...it's only fair!