Just an assumption (without having a closer look at the source code)

There are various serious performance issues concerning sending of emails.
For example have a look at: http://www.mantisbt.org/bugs/view.php?id=11499
Maybe this was also the reason why you chosed to send emails via cron job?

Imagine that sending of the emails would take more than the 5 minutes.
Maybe there is a conflict when starting the cron job if the previous job didn't finish

As a workaround try sending every 15 minutes (if you don't use MantisBT for issues concerning heart attacks)
or try to disable cron jobs and change data type of the email table from longtext to mediumtext to get a performance boost.

Again: just assumptions, no real knowledge!

If you get any new results, please enter an issue in MantisBT's own tracker with as much details as possible.
This will help developers to find the real cause of your problem.


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Betreff: [mantisbt-help] Email notification missed
Gesendet: Mi, 17. Feb 2010
Von: Vivek Jain



Most of the time we do receive the Email notifications from Mantis as per our notification configurations. Then every once in a while we do experience a few missed email notification. Can anyone give any pointers what could be the possible causes to investigate?


We use cronjob to send email notification with the “php-cgi.exe send_email.php” executing as a windows scheduled task every five minutes.


Our configuration is:

Mantis 1.1.8 on Windows Server 2008 (64 bit), Apache-2.2.14 (Win32)/PHP-5.2.11/MySQL-5.1



Vivek Jain


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