Mantis Users,


Here is your chance to reward Mantis and its community J


I was visiting the Mantis project page on SourceForge and I found a link "2006 Community Choice Awards - Nominate this project!". I clicked the link and was surprised to find out that Mantis is already a candidate under the "Development" category.


It would have been great that project administrators would get a notification when such thing is launched, or at least get it when their project is included in the contending list!


Anyway, the nominations will close on March 15th, only the top 5 will make it to the voting which will start on March 17th.


Please take a moment to nominate Mantis, it will be a great way to raise Mantis profile in the community and give a pat on the back for all Mantis developers and contributors.


Use the following link to nominate Mantis: