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Such questions would be better addressed on the mantisbt-help mailing list.


By the way, would you like to be added to Mantis users directory?  If so, please send your details as specified on the directory page. http://www.mantisbt.org/directory.php  


Following is the change log (based on http://bugs.mantisbt.org/changelog_page.php) since the 1.0.0rc2 release.  The 1.0.1 release will be released in the next couple of days.  I’d suggest you upgrade to 1.0.0 or wait till 1.0.1 is out, but don’t wait for 1.1.0.


mantisbt - 1.0.1
- 0006672: [installation] install.php assumes mysql extension, fails with mysqli extension (thraxisp)
- 0006668: [filters] Parse error while saving new filter: Call to undefined function: string_strip_tags() (thraxisp)

mantisbt - 1.0.0

This is the stable Mantis 1.0.0 release.

- 0005460: [administration] Critical Issues to Fix for Mantis 1.0.0 Release (vboctor)
- 0006634: [filters] Filter does not work with profiles (vboctor)

mantisbt - 1.0.0rc5
- 0006565: [filters] Filters on custom fields failing (thraxisp)
- 0006501: [filters] Categories can't be selected for filter-setting (thraxisp)
- 0006585: [documentation] don't see the documentation (thraxisp)
- 0006594: [bugtracker] config_flush_cache does not work correctly (thraxisp)

mantisbt - 1.0.0rc4
- 0006379: [filters] Filter returns private issues when it should not (thraxisp)
- 0006432: [bugtracker] error processing does not work! (jlatour)
- 0006254: [localization] strings_korean_utf8.txt has UTF-8 byte-order marker (ryandesign)
- 0006268: [localization] strings_chinese_simplified_utf8.txt has UTF-8 byte-order marker (ryandesign)
- 0006358: [localization] Updated Dutch localization (Wanderer)
- 0006304: [localization] [PATCH] Major overhaul of strings_dutch.txt (jlatour)
- 0006474: [localization] Calls to htmlspecialchars should take into account the current charset (jlatour)
- 0006492: [security] Port #6453: Make note private has no effect when resolving bug (thraxisp)

mantisbt - 1.0.0rc3
- 0006234: [filters] Filter sometimes returns no results (thraxisp)
- 0006288: [filters] Patch against CVS HEAD for Saved filter problem with view_state (thraxisp)
- 0006295: [filters] Old filters and view_state problems. (thraxisp)
- 0006296: [filters] Filter sql includes unnecessary links to custom_field_string_table for date custom fields (thraxisp)
- 0006297: [filters] sorting on custom field, bring MySQL to deadlock loop (thraxisp)





From: Poquette, Terry [mailto:tpoquett@mcw.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, 31 January 2006 3:54 AM
To: mantisbt-lang@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Mantisbt-lang] Question



This may not be going to the correct person??  We, Medical College of Wisconsin Academic Affairs, have been using MANTID bug tracker for over 2 years now.  We find it very effective for bug control for the Students systems.  We are currently on release 1.0.0rc2.  I am trying to find out if I should consider upgrading to the current release or wait for future releases.  I have been traversing your site to answer the question, what do releases more current than 1.0.0rc2 have that I might want to make me decide to upgrade?  I found some information in the tab "roadmap" but not comprehensive enough for me to see what I could have if I were to make a move to the current release.  Can you help me with this question?

…Thanks…Terry Poquette, IS Manager, Medical College of Wisconsin.