Hi All,


Mantis 1.0.0rc4 is now available for download.



This candidate release includes the following fixes:


- 0006421: [security] Private bugs show up in public RSS feed (vboctor)

- 0006458: [security] Port #6457: SQL Injection in manage user page (TKADV2005-11-002) (vboctor)

- 0006461: [security] Port #6460: HTTP Header CRLF Injection (TKADV2005-11-002) (vboctor)

- 0006485: [security] XSS Vulnerability in filters (TKADV2005-11-002) (thraxisp)

- 0006489: [security] Port Injection Vulnerabilities in Filters (TKADV2005-11-002) (thraxisp)

- 0006492: [security] Port #6453: Make note private has no effect when resolving bug (thraxisp)

- 0006432: [bugtracker] error processing does not work! (jlatour)

- 0006379: [filters] Filter returns private issues when it should not (thraxisp)

- 0006254: [localization] strings_korean_utf8.txt has UTF-8 byte-order marker (ryandesign)

- 0006268: [localization] strings_chinese_simplified_utf8.txt has UTF-8 byte-order marker (ryandesign)

- 0006304: [localization] [PATCH] Major overhaul of strings_dutch.txt (jlatour)

- 0006358: [localization] Updated Dutch localization (Wanderer)

- 0006474: [localization] Calls to htmlspecialchars should take into account the current charset (jlatour)


All 1.0.0ax / 1.0.0rcx users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank tk at trapkit dot de for reviewing Mantis code and reporting most of the security issues that were fixed in this release.



Mantis Team