ok for this point (it was just a question !).
And about the other question : the configuration, and the migration ?

Francisco Mancardi <francisco.mancardi@gruppotesi.com> a écrit :
gandia laurent wrote:

> Hi
> Please, could you answer my questions before I install Mantis 1.0.0rc1
> on my own server?
> 1. First of all, could I know the minimun prerequisites for my
> server (disk space, memory...), in order to have mantis working
> properly?
> 2. Second, can I migrate data from Mantis 0.18.2, to Mantis 1.0.0rc?
> 3. Finally, I have seen on your website, that your services are
> available to customize Mantis:
> o can I have a new field displaying the version for the bug
> correction?
> o can I have, in the main view of all the bug, the version
> where the bug have been discovered?
> o can I have two new fields for the time allocated to
> correct a bug, and the real time spent on its correction?
> Regards,
Excuse me if seems an stupid question, but I Think you can customize
mantis by yourself, using the Custom Field feature

Best regards


> Laurent GANDIA
> gandia_laurent@yahoo.fr
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