OK, I figured it out -- it is the binary log produced by MySQL. I guess this is a good reason to keep uploads out of the database and into the file system...

Now is there a way to convert a Mantis installation from storing uploads in the database to storing them on the file system?


From: Dennis Grinberg [mailto:dgrinberg@matrixplus.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2004 11:03 AM
To: 'mantisbt-help@lists.sourceforge.net'
Subject: files when uploading to mantis


We permit file uploading and have DATABASE set as the method of file uploads.  I did check that the proper code is being executed.

The problem is that whenever we upload a file, a file in /var/lib/mysql is created or added to. These files have names of <servername>-bin.XXX where XXX is a sequentially increasing three digit number.

Any idea what these files are and if I can get rid of them? Could MySQL be storing BLOBs in external files?


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