My system has the following components:

OS xp –pro sp3
mysql 5.0.51a
PHP 5.3.5
Apache 2.2.21
mantis bt 1.2.28
SVN 1.6.17
websvn 2.3.3
plugins-source-integration 0.13.2-177

I don't succeed in viewing “Diff", "file" and “browse” in changsets and also post-commit doesn't work.

I followed these instructions: ... the-1-2-x/ ... -the-note/

My post-commit file is this:

# Copyright (c) 2010 John Reese
# Licensed under the MIT license
log=$(svnlook log -r $REV $REPOS)
LOG_FILE=`mktemp /tmp/svn_${PROJECT}_${REV}_log.XXX`
${CURL} -d "repo_name=${PROJECT}" -d "data=${REV}" ${URL} >> ${LOG_FILE}

best regards, Edoardo from Italy.





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