It seems like 'none' (including the single quotes) works.   It shows "none" in the field and all of the issues are shown, even the closed items.

--- On Mon, 8/11/08, KM <> wrote:
From: KM <>
Subject: [mantisbt-help] question about g_hide_status_default
To: "mantis-help" <>
Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 11:11 AM

I know/see that the default is CLOSED.   What if I don't want issues in any of the states to be hidden?  Is there a value that works for this?  I tried setting it to the word NONE and to a blank.  Neither seemed to work.
Is there something in the configruation that i've missed?  If so - I'd like to know that as well, because I may want to set this on a per project basis.
Thx for any help.

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