Thank you Victor. I put the specifications under Wiki and will work on it asap.

De : Victor Boctor []
Envoyé : mardi 13 octobre 2009 19:18
À : developer discussions
Objet : Re: [mantisbt-dev] Attachments

Hi Veyret,

The wiki page is now created.

For providers support, I'm thinking that the groups would exist in MantisBT database.  However, the isMemberOf functionality would be provided by the provider.  We can then add features like having such groups imported from the provider or validated against the provider.  There is also the native provider which will maintain membership within the MantisBT database.

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 6:33 AM, Veyret Stephane <> wrote:
Hi Victor,

> Thanks S. Veyret for your contribution.  Supporting groups may be a
good addition to 1.3 release if someone is up to take the work.
However, one aspect that is missing from your specs is whether MantisBT
is to support group providers.  For example, using Active Directory
groups to manage access to projects.

Good idea, I will have to think about that. I will need to study how it
works for users, to do something similar.

> It would also be nice to convert the PDF into a Wiki requirements page
that is associated with the issue to iterate over it.

I tried to do that, but the page does not exist, and it seams I do not
have sufficient rights to create it. Can you please either create the
page or grant me page creation rights?

Thank you.

My Mantis name: sveyret

Plej kore,

S. Veyret

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