Good Day!

I hope this is right to send notice to this email add for an issue I want to raise.

I am using the soap api and have my own interface when creating/reporting an issue. 
I want to have my combo/options field filled with the global categories I made in Mantis regardless or Project (it should be since it is global).

I was hoping that I could be able to achieve this by using 'mc_project_get_categories' and passing '0' as Project Id, but it would only return an error saying that project '0' does not exist.

I would not like as much as possible tweak/change any mantis server code since my client interface could serve any mantis server - portability.

Is there any method or way that I can get all global categories without having to supply a project id?  Or can you please support this?

Hoping for your kind and quick response.

Thank you.