Hello Kreindl K.:

To connect to mantis I do the following (see below) and it works at least the connection.

I didn't try this ConnectLocator, sorry.

            URL url = new URL("http://localhost/mantis/api/soap/mantisconnect.php");
            MantisConnectLocator mcl = new MantisConnectLocator();
            portType = mcl.getMantisConnectPort( url );
        }catch( Exception e )
            log.error( e );
            // do other stuff

Enviado desde la nevera // Sent from the fridge
Raul Luna Rodríguez

De: Kreindl K. <klemenskreindl@gmx.at>
Para: mantisbt-soap-dev@lists.sourceforge.net
Enviado: Martes, 28 de agosto, 2012 3:09 P.M.
Asunto: [Mantisbt-soap-dev] create a connection to mantis


i've been trying to access our Mantis-Server for several hours
up to now :(, util i decided to post a message here :P

now to my problem:
i try to acces Mantis using java (via mantis-axis-soap-client-1.2.9),
but all i get are connection timeouts.
i have also tried a solution which was posted here, but i must be
missing something.

my code:
URL url =
new URL("http://www.feat.at/mantisbt/api/soap/mantisconnect.php");
MantisConnectLocator mcl = new MantisConnectLocator();

MantisConnectPortType mcpt = mcl.getMantisConnectPort();


i hope you can give me a hint or some help how i get this thing

kreindl k       

ps: excuse my bad english :)

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