We have a debian “stable” machine running mantis 0.19.2, however we cant get the graph dependencies to work.


Apache-ssl -> Apache/1.3.26 Ben-SSL/1.48

Php 4.1.3

mySQL-client 3.23.49



It has been traced back to an old version of PHP4, so we are trying to upgrade php4.


Here is where it gets silly.

A custom install of php4 from source off php.net will not link properly with our mysql-client.

And we get unknown command mysql_connect() errors.


With a pre-packaged build of php4 from www.dotdeb.org -> a well known LAMP solution for debian stable, we are unable to get any page redirect features working - so whenever php does a redirect – like in login_page.php ->login.php the returned value to the browser is nothing.


Is this a php issue or an apache-ssl quirk? I really have no idea.


Has anyone else seen something like this?


Terry Rankine