Hello All,

Here is an update to the design that I put together a week or so ago. I have taken much of the feedback, and incorporated that into the layouts, for better or worse.


Dashboard: Overview

This would be the landing page, upon login. It shows a graphic representation of the status of the project, as well as a "Milestones" list, which would allow for the ability to track the project's completion from a Project Manager point of view.


I think the "Milestones" icons are pretty self-explanatory, but just in case:

Green = Completed

Orange = Not yet Due

Red = Not complete by deadline


The charts were created using gChart PHP wrapper for the Google Charts API.


Oh, and last but not least, I have added the little Mantis Doodle for grins.




Dashboard: My View

I have only put 3 errors in each section, as an example, but I would imagine more shown. Again, a more graphic depiction of the data has been provided, with the ability to view the status based on category, severity, priority, and reproducibility, as well as any other options needed with a dropdown menu from the down arrow.


There is also the tertiary navigation from this page should the user want to immediately see the complete view of items under a given categorization.




Team: Milestones

This page needs some additional thought put into it, but it is a start.


Not sure if this functionality would be useful for others, but would come in quite handy for the small company that I work for at present.




Report Issue

Not a huge change to this page. I simply have rearranged the fields in an attempt to organize them a bit. Some work to add tagging to this page may be in order.




Manage: Projects

No real changes to the main portion of the page, aside from some graphic elements. I have made some slight changes to the sub-navigation on this page.


The dropdown menu would include the following at present:

Custom Fields

Global Profiles

Import Issues




Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Brian Johnson