Hi Mantis devs (and users),
Approaching to Unicode support planned in 1.1, after some testing in my working environment,
I've finally converted all the strings files to utf-8 (in cvs head).
So any NEW (and upgraded) installation could use any national chars correctly with any language.
The languages settable thru UI or autodetection are all utf-8.
There is currently no easy way to upgrade the already entered text in existing installations  (all
non-latin characters already in database will probably break).
For that reason, legacy non-utf8 string files are still included, and you can use them via config_* if needed.
It is possible to convert the entire database manually (unloading it to the text file, converting with iconv
and loading back), but, of course, I can not recommend this in production environment.
I've also removed 2 of string files: the non-unicode Italian translation (reported to be obsolete),
and the Canadian French one (diff showed no differences from French).
Please report any inconsistencies found.
Any help with writing the db upgrading routine is welcome.
Also, please do NOT update non-utf8 language files anymore as they are considered deprecated.
With kindest regards,
Alexey Chumakov