Hi Mantis Users/Developers,


Since we released 0.19.0a1 we have been getting useful feedback, and we did several fixes and enhancements.  I think we are getting close to a point when we should release the next alpha release due to some critical fixes (maybe by next weekend).  Hence, whoever didn’t have a chance to try 0.19.0a1, I encourage you to do that and send your feedback, if you want it to be in 0.19.0a2.  Same applies for translations.


As for the work in progress, I would put in reasonable size features that are finished soon.  Note that these are still alpha releases and hence we can add enhancements and new features.  Once we move to candidate releases, then it will be only bug fixes.  So lets finish the work in progress and get it in asap.


The official bugtracker for Mantis is now using the 0.19.0a1, although alpha versions are not recommended for production use, we think that this is the best way to stress test it and get as much feedback.  It also allows users to preview the release, even before installing it.


We have also enabled the sponsorship feature on our bugtracker, so if you have a feature that has been in the database for a long time, and you really like to push it for 0.19.0, then act now, sponsor it.  This will support Mantis development, while also increasing priorities for the issues that people really want.  Note that for issues that we think should not be done due to them not fitting with our vision for Mantis, sponsoring will not get them in CVS.  However, they may be implemented and a patch is attached, or they may be done via Mantis consulting services.


Note that you can now easily see the list of fixes/enhancements in 0.19.0a2 via the Change Log feature.  Also we have applied some patches to our bugtracker, so it is not the standard 0.19.0a1.